Canada Disability Benefit 2024 Payment Dates, Eligibility, Amount

The Canada Disability Benefit 2024 serves as a beacon of hope for low-income Canadians living with disabilities, providing financial help to those who are unable to work due to physical or mental limitations. This effort, which began in June 2023, intends to eliminate poverty in the disabled community by providing a constant source of income. The initiative, which will begin paying in January 2024, aims to make life easier for people who face daily obstacles as a result of their disability.

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What is the Canada Disability Benefit 2024?

The Canada Disability Benefit 2024 provides an important financial safety net for people who are unable to work due to impairments. The amount disbursed is determined by the individual’s contributions to the Canada Pension Plan (CPP) over their working years. While all recipients receive a basic payment, any additional amounts are decided by their CPP contributions. Furthermore, families with dependent children may receive additional aid.

Most importantly, the benefit is adjusted annually to account for inflation, ensuring that its value remains steady over time. Even those living outside of Canada in certain countries can have these payments sent directly into their bank accounts. However, it is important to note that this benefit differs from other types of disability income in that it does not cover expenses such as medication or medical devices.

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Eligibility Criteria for Canada Disability Benefit 2024

To qualify for the Canada Disability Benefit 2024, applicants must meet certain eligibility criteria:

  • Contribution to the CPP: Applicants must have contributed to the CPP for at least four of the last six years, or have a cumulative contribution period of 25 years, including contributions in three of the last six years prior to disability.
  • Definition of Disability: The CPP defines a severe impairment as one that prevents an individual from engaging in any sort of substantially gainful labour for an extended period of time or is likely to result in death.
  • Age Requirement: Applicants must be under the age of 65 to be eligible for the benefit, which is intended to offer financial assistance to those who are unable to work due to a handicap before reaching retirement age.
  • Exclusion from CPP Retirement Pension: Individuals currently receiving a CPP retirement pension are ineligible for the disability benefit.

Disability Benefit Amounts

In 2024, the Canada Pension Plan’s (CPP) Disability Benefit levels are structured as follows:

  • The basic payment amount for the CPP Disability Benefit is $583.32, with adjustments dependent on the recipient’s CPP contributions.
  • The average monthly payout for new beneficiaries in October 2023 is $1,127.30.
  • The maximum monthly payment begins at $1,606.78 in January 2024 and gradually rises to $1,616.52 in December 2024.
  • The CPP Post-Retirement Disability payment has a flat rate of $583.32.
  • CPP Children’s payment: The recipient’s dependent children may be entitled for a $294.12 monthly payment.

Canada Disability Benefit Payment Dates 2024

The payment schedule for the Canada Disability Benefit in 2024 is outlined as follows:

  • January 29, 2024
  • February 27, 2024
  • March 26, 2024
  • April 26, 2024
  • May 29, 2024
  • June 26, 2024
  • July 29, 2024
  • August 28, 2024
  • September 25, 2024
  • October 29, 2024
  • November 27, 2024
  • December 20, 2024

How to Apply for Canada Disability Benefit

Applicants have the option to apply online or offline for the Canada Disability Benefit:

  • Online Application: To submit the application form electronically, applicants must first create a My Service Canada Account. Along with the application, a medical report produced by a healthcare expert must be submitted.
  • Offline Application: Documents may be submitted by mail or in person at a Service Canada office.
  • Service Canada evaluates applications by analyzing medical reports, financial information, and CPP contributions (where applicable). This evaluation procedure could take up to 120 days. Applicants can check the status of their application using their My Service Canada Account or by contacting the Canada Service Centre directly.


The Canada Disability Benefit 2024 is a lifeline for people living with impairments, providing not only financial help but also a sense of stability and dignity. This program, which is always evolving and adapting to meet the needs of its participants, exemplifies Canada’s dedication to inclusion and social welfare.

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