Capital One Settlement Claim: Form, Payment Date, Lawsuit Details

Breaking News: A group of consumers who alleged unfair practices, deceptive transactions, questionable fees, and dubious lending practices by Capital One Financial Corporation have secured a collective lawsuit victory. This outcome stems from a lawsuit jointly filed against Capital One. As a result, the affected individuals are now eligible for compensation, with the deadline for claim submissions set for November 27, 2023.

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Reimbursement for Affected Parties

Eligible customers who suffered losses due to purported hacker cyber attacks on Capital One’s system will receive compensation. The ruling favoring the claimants was made in 2022, and the process of reimbursing losses resulting from the fraud has commenced. Claimants will receive notifications regarding the potential impact of this proposed settlement.

Claim Submission Procedure

Capital One Settlement Claims: All You Need to Know

To claim the settlement amount for the financial breach, victims were required to complete the Capital One Settlement Claim Form. This form serves as the official document through which claimants seek compensation and should detail the losses incurred due to the Capital One Breach.

Submission Requirements

Claimants must submit a claim form along with their Unique ID and a PIN. It is imperative to complete all required fields and provide supporting documents such as cancelled checks, invoices, bank statements, and receipts. The settlement process began on September 28, 2023, with the submission deadline set for November 27, 2023.

Payment Processing

Although the lawsuit ruling favored the plaintiffs, delays in the payment process may occur due to potential appeals, prolonging the time required to settle the claim amount. Claimants are urged to submit their forms before the deadline to maintain eligibility for the settlement amount.

Background on the Data Breach

Paige A. Thompson, an unauthorized hacker, was convicted in the Capital One data breach, affecting over 106 million Capital One credit card holders in the US and Canada. This incident ranks among the largest financial data breaches in the US. The hacker illicitly accessed the bank’s data and stole files containing sensitive information, including payment history, zip codes, contact details, social security numbers, and credit scores.

Company Response

Capital One promptly addressed the issue and notified the FBI. However, millions of dollars were pilfered before the matter was resolved. To settle the claims, the company has established a $190 million Settlement Fund along with additional benefits.

Contact Details

In case claimants encounter difficulties while receiving their claim amount, the contact information for the Capital One Settlement Administrator is provided below:

Toll-Free Number: 1-855-604-1811

Official Website: Capital One Settlement Website



Eligible victims of the Capital One financial breach have the opportunity to claim compensation by submitting the requisite forms and supporting documents before the November 27, 2023 deadline. Although delays may arise in the settlement process due to potential appeals, the favorable judgment offers relief to those affected by the unauthorized data access and subsequent financial fraud.


What is the deadline for filing a claim for the Capital One Settlement?

The deadline for filing a claim is November 27, 2023.

What should claimants include in the Capital One Settlement Claim Form?

Claimants should clearly outline the losses incurred due to the Capital One Breach and submit the form with supporting documents.

How can claimants contact the Capital One Settlement Administrator if they encounter difficulties?

Claimants can reach out to the administrator via the provided Toll-Free Number, Official Website, or Email ID.

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