Guide to Completing the Audit Quest in Escape From Tarkov: Understanding the Mission and Its Rewards

Audit Quest in Escape From Tarkov: To obtain rewards, complete the Audit Quest in Escape From Tarkov by finding the financial documents in a bank-like structure, securing the Audit journal, and securely removing.

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Locating the Audit Journal

To begin the Audit Quest, players must locate the Audit journal, which is located within a modest bank-like structure with stock market prices displayed around the welcome table. When you first enter the building, go to the second floor to find the Audit quest room.

Extraction Process

After obtaining the Audit journal, the priority is to safely exit the area, taking into account various extraction methods dependent on the player’s spawn point.

Optional Loot Stops

During the Audit Quest, players can explore optional loot stops such as the Abandoned Factory, the Concordia Building, and the Chekannaya Apartments to enhance their gameplay experience.

Rewards for Completing the Audit Quest

Players are awarded with +8,700 EXP, Ragman Rep +0.02, and a varied amount of Roubles based on the level of the Intelligence Center upon completion. The quest also allows you to buy the 6B13 assault armor (flora) from Ragman LL2.

Rewards for Completing the Audit Quest

Escape From Tarkov Main Quests

To improve the gameplay experience, Escape From Tarkov includes a number of key quests, like the Kappa Container Debut and Search Mission, each with its own goals, rewards, and obstacles.

Escape From Tarkov Plot Overview

Players must navigate through the nine maps of the fictional city of Tarkov, which is located in the Norvinsk Special Economic Zone in northwest Russia and is beset by political scandals and corporate bankruptcies, in order to survive in the middle of mayhem.

Escape From Tarkov Game Overview

Since its release in July 2017, Battlestate Games’ first-person shooter Escape From Tarkov, which was created for the Windows platform, has amassed a devoted player following.


Q1. Where is the Audit quest located in Escape From Tarkov?

Ans 1: The Audit quest is located at the bank or stock exchange next to Nikita’s residence on Tarkov Streets, not far from the extraction site for the sewer river.

Q2. What are the objectives of the Audit quest?

Ans 2: The primary goals of the Audit quest are to deliver the journal that Ragman assigns you when you complete the Big Sale Task and level five, as well as to retrieve financial documents in Streets of Tarkov.

Q3. What are the extraction options for completing the Audit quest?

Ans 3: The Sewer River, Courtyard, V-Ex, and Evacuation Zone are the extraction possibilities. In addition to putting safety first, players should choose the extraction spot based on where they spawn.

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