Lincare Settlement Claim Form, Deadline, Eligibility, Amount, and Payout

The Lincare Settlement offers a chance for people affected by alleged wrongful business practices to seek compensation. This guide outlines how to claim benefits, including the claim form, deadline, eligibility criteria, settlement amount, and payout details.

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Claim Form and Deadline:

To claim benefits from the Lincare Settlement, individuals must submit their claim form by April 15, 2024. They can do this online or by mailing a completed paper form with a postmark by the deadline.

Understanding the Claim Form:


The claim form is crucial for seeking compensation for damages related to the unauthorized disclosure of health and personal information. It requires specific details for different claim categories, like Medical Shield, expense reimbursement, lost time compensation, and statutory demands.

Settlement Amount:

The settlement fund totals $7,250,000.00, providing benefits like Medical Shield coverage, expense reimbursement, lost time compensation, and statutory demand reimbursements.

How to Claim:

To start the claim process, individuals need to get the official form from the website or helpline, follow the instructions carefully, fill out the form accurately, gather supporting documents, submit everything by the deadline, and be ready for any follow-up inquiries.

Eligibility Criteria:

To qualify for the settlement, individuals must have been Lincare customers during the specified period, suffered financial harm due to improper practices, and submitted a valid claim with accurate information and supporting documents.


The settlement stems from allegations of deceptive marketing and improper billing practices by Lincare. Through this agreement, affected individuals have a chance to seek compensation for their grievances.

Payout Date:

The payout date will be determined by the court and may vary. Information about payment processing can be found on the official website or by contacting the administrator.

Fairness Hearing:

A fairness hearing is set for June 12, 2024, where the court will review the settlement’s fairness and address any concerns raised.

In summary, the Lincare Settlement offers a way for affected individuals to seek compensation for alleged wrongful practices. By understanding the claim process, eligibility, and deadlines, people can navigate the process effectively to receive the benefits they’re entitled to.

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