Saskatchewan Health Card: Application and Replacement Guide

Recent Update: The Saskatchewan Health Card, issued by the Government of Saskatchewan, is an essential form of identification granting access to entitled health benefits and necessary for accessing healthcare services.

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Understanding the Saskatchewan Health Card

The Saskatchewan Health Card allows residents to access their entitled health benefits and is mandatory when seeking healthcare services. Eligibility for the card is contingent upon residency and comes with a predetermined validity period.

Eligibility for the Health Card

How to Replace Your Saskatchewan Health Card

Residency serves as the basis for eligibility for the Saskatchewan Health Card, requiring individuals to reside in Saskatchewan for at least five months annually with a permanent residence there. Newcomers and temporary departures from the province necessitate meeting specific eligibility criteria.

Relocation and Renewal

When relocating to another Canadian province, the Saskatchewan health card remains valid for a specified duration. Renewing the card is essential to maintain access to health benefits, involving the application of renewal stickers provided by eHealth Saskatchewan.

Application for Replacement

In cases of loss or damage to the health card, individuals can request a replacement through an online application or a designated form, accompanied by relevant documentation such as birth certificates, marriage certificates, or legal name change documents.

Completing the Application

When applying for a replacement health card or updating personal information, it is crucial to provide accurate and comprehensive details, including the health card number, marital status, birth date, name, and address.


The Saskatchewan Health Card is indispensable for accessing healthcare services, and familiarity with the processes for eligibility, renewal, and replacement is vital for residents to ensure continued access to their entitled health benefits.


How can I request a replacement health card?

Individuals can request a replacement health card through an online application on the eHealth Saskatchewan website or by submitting a specific form along with required documentation.

What are the eligibility requirements for the Saskatchewan Health Card?

Eligibility for the Saskatchewan Health Card hinges on residency, necessitating individuals to reside in the province for a specified duration with a permanent residence.

What documents are necessary for updating personal information on the health card?

For updating personal information on the Saskatchewan Health Card, individuals need to provide documents such as birth certificates, marriage certificates, or legal name change documents.

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