Fasting in Football: Navigating Ramadan Challenges

As Ramadan approaches, Muslim footballers face the challenge of fasting during the mid-season, altering their usual rest and recovery routines.

FIFPRO's Chief Medical Officer, Prof Dr Vincent Gouttebarge, guides us through the medical considerations for players observing Ramadan.

Ramadan, from March 10 to April 9, prompts questions about how the football industry can enhance working conditions for fasting players.

Player unions, like England's PFA, conduct workshops to raise awareness and assist coaches in supporting fasting players.

Prof Dr Gouttebarge emphasizes three core elements for optimal player recovery during Ramadan: Nutrition, Hydration, and Sleep.

Athletes shift to two meals, high in glycaemic foods before sunrise and low-glycaemic foods after sunset, maintaining energy levels.

Hydration is crucial, balancing regular intake during the day with a proper night's sleep, using cooling strategies and avoiding coffee and tea.

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