Little Nicky 2: Potential Release Date and Updates

Little Nicky 2 doesn't have a release date because it isn't yet in production. Furthermore, it's doubtful that the movie will be produced again in the future.

Despite its existence, Little Nicky was a box office and critical failure when it first came out.

A poster promoting Little Nicky 2 or Little Nicky: Hell Takes a Vacation began circulating on social media in 2024.

According to the banner, the movie would debut on Netflix in May 2024. But a little examination reveals that the poster is phony.

Someone has taken the official poster of the original film and edited it. So, we can safely say that Little Nicky isn’t coming out, or at least not anytime soon

Adam Sandler as Nicky, Patricia Arquette as Valerie Veran, Rhys Ifans as Adrian, Rodney Dangerfield as Lucifer, Tommy Lister Jr. as Cassius, and other actors made up the original cast.