Movie Review: "Knox Goes Away (2024)

What's the tale?

Michael Keaton plays professional murderer John Knox in KNOX GOES AWAY. He holds two PhDs and has experience in Army special operations. However, he goes for a checkup because he has been missing words and becoming blank lately.

He receives a concerning diagnosis: fast neurodegenerative disease called Creutzfeldt-Jakob disease. Knox is going to lose his memory of everything in a couple of weeks

He therefore embarks on one more assignment with Tommy Muncie (Ray McKinnon), his coworker, but he blanks during it, and things go horribly wrong.

Knox begins organizing his affairs, selling his possessions, and transferring the money so he may leave it to three designated beneficiaries. Regretfully, his resources are dispersed throughout, and he needs to promptly get them all.

Review Exceptionally Clever; Surprisingly Funny Knox Goes Away is an exceptionally clever and surprisingly funny film that invites us to reflect on the fragility of memory and those we have personally lost, before their time, to dementia and similar conditions.