Understanding How the Moon Influences Horoscopes on March 14, 2024

The New Moon Will Be Most Feelable for These Zodiac Signs

The impending new moon in Pisces may herald a significant turning point in your life if your rising sign, moon sign, or—most importantly—your sun sign are any of the following zodiac signs.

GEMINI Gemini, you have a reputation for rationalizing your feelings. However, because this new moon in Pisces is occurring in your fourth house of home and family, you might be taken aback by how emotional you feel. You might be considering taking on personal duties during this new moon, especially if you're still getting used to the weight of any recent changes.

VIRGO Virgo, this new moon serves as a reminder that partnerships require a lot of work. Furthermore, despite your strong desire to think that everything should be clear-cut, uncomplicated, and simple, this is rarely the case.

SAGITTARIUS This new moon reminds you, Virgo, that relationships need a lot of work. Moreover, even though you strongly want to believe that everything should be straightforward, easy to understand, and uncomplicated, this is rarely the case.

PISCES If you’re feeling more tired than usual during this new moon, that’s only because you’ve been feeling the pressure. The desire to improve yourself can leave little room for rest, especially if you’re never acknowledging the strides you’ve already made.